Common Eye Conditions

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The eye is one of the most complex and precious organs of the human body which is why it is important to watch out for different symptoms which may indicate an eye condition that needs to be taken care of. Here are a few of the common eye conditions to look out for, many of which become more common with increasing age.

Dry Eyes occur when the tear glands fail to make the proper amount of tears. This condition leads to a little loss of vision, burning or itching of the eyes. This is treated with eye drops that imitate real tears or a medicinal plug that prevents drainage of tear fluid from the tear duct. A new treatment for Dry Eyes called the Lipiflow uses techniques involving pressure and heat. Lipiflow is fast gaining popularity.

Floaters is a condition when small dots or spots interfere with your field of vision. People who have this condition notice the specks in a bright environment. This is not that serious a condition however in certain cases these ‘floaters’ may be warning you of another eye problem for example the Retinal Detachment.

Presbyopia occurs when you are having difficulty or simply cannot see objects that are closer to you. People with this condition cannot read small print either. This condition stems in old age and can be corrected with reading glasses.

Cataract is the name given to those areas in the eyes that are cloudy because of which vision is impaired. The thing about cataracts is that they form slowly without any eye irritation or pain. This condition is treated by simply removing the “cloudy spots” with eye surgery.

Glaucoma is the condition where the optic nerve starts significantly diminishing. When the pressure in the eye is increased by injury or eye infection, a common consequence is the damage to the nerve. Glaucoma is not that common a condition.

Corneal Disease refers to a damaged cornea. The cornea aids in focusing the light that enters the eye lens. Corneal conditions are treated with eye surgery or special eye drops.

Conjunctivitis , also more commonly known as Pink Eye or Red Eye, is the condition where the soft tissue that lies under the eye lids becomes enflamed. This eye condition is caused by exposure to toxic materials, allergies and infection.

Temporal Arteritis is the condition where the arteries in the entire body become enflamed. Its symptoms include headaches, swelling of the temples and considerable pain when chewing. Symptoms that follow a persistent condition include loss of total vision in a single eye, weight loss, shaking and fever. The cause of temporal arteritis is still unknown but a possible theory is that it is the product of a defected immune system.

Tearing is a condition where having too many tears can be caused by an infection or a tear duct that is blocked in some way. With this condition the tears start flowing during temperature changes or exposure to direct light and wind. This condition is typically treated by wearing sunglasses.

It is critical that people keep in mind that an early treatment of any eye condition with medication can save it from getting worse and in many cases prevent permanent vision loss.

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